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  1. 21brisk says:

    very fun a thrilling read. especially the end. were she found some comfort in something she felt alone in

  2. furinji says:

    Loved all the parts, the only thing i regret is knowing we won’t get to the scene in the beginning, the moment before her graduation before we went back to explain all of this.

  3. fun time says:

    I liked the story. It was very good thank you for that. I myself am not a writer but she still has almost 3 years of school left you could do a story where her mother jennifer and nancy have them team up again just a thought

  4. mbsf13 says:

    Have read all four, this one is only good because the sisterand mom are introduced, otherwise, not as good as the other three. I did like that the main character ( Wendy), finally gave the manipulative bitch a bit of sass back at her at the end. Highly recommend that all four be read at once, a great narrative.

  5. mbsf13 says:

    I’ve read all four, this one isn’t as good, only liked it because of the sister and mother being introduced. Glad that Wendy finally gave some sass back to Nancy. Recommend reading all four stories together, a great read.

  6. Juescho58 says:

    Fantastic – I love this story, all the parts of it. Is it possible to become more parts of the Story until Wendy’s graduation, that was the szenario at the beginning of the story. There are now many posibilities because the family and “friends” of Wendy are involved in her special situation.

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