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  1. silas says:

    Thanx man.

  2. lady cockroach says:

    Awesome… Ahhh not kidding but can anyone tell me the source for the music being played around the second half of the video?

  3. admin says:

    Mecano – Hijo de la Luna

  4. silas says:

    Man, “admin”, how much are you a pro?!

  5. publicghost says:


  6. lady cockroach says:

    Wow thanks… And srsly, great job maintaining the site… It’s a paradise

  7. DarkNobilis says:

    This is outstanding! Easily one of my favorite types of posts.

    I like how she seemed mostly unphased by losing her top, but genuinely not expecting to get stripped completely naked. I love it, thanks for posting

  8. enjoybeauty says:


    This type of post is the best. The more the hesitancy/embarrassment seems genuine, the better. Like the good old Hungry Duck videos.

  9. Kyle_1988 says:

    – In some countries, women are no more concerned about being seen topless than men are

  10. Rare Mare says:

    More videos of this kind please, is the exhibition that I like the most, girls oft the public get naked in the stage, thankk you very much!!!

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