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  1. mbsf13 says:

    Howard is full of crap, as always. That woman is spectacular. As someone who was married to a tall woman ( my ex was 5’11” ), 125 pounds is excessively thin( ribs would be sticking out). Now for a woman, say 5’4″ or less, 125 pounds could be too much. Lumpy ass, is cellulite, and that takes a proper diet and time( years worth) to get rid of, or plastic surgery. And her ass is just fine too. Howard just likes super- thin women with boobs too big for the body frame( Barbie doll syndrome). Any women reading this/watching the video: don’t follow Howard’s advice 100%, he means well, but talk to your doctor ( and your significant other/spouse/lover) first.

  2. martoanto says:

    Agree 100%, she is a fittie! Stern is a dick!

  3. MadDogZ says:

    She is perfect right now. I do not like to skinny women.

  4. publicghost says:

    agree with everyone, what a dickhead, that girl is amazing!

  5. HotelKilo says:

    totally agree, I think she’s stunning and so brave to stand naked and have Howard critique her body the way he does

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