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  1. LoboEstepario says:

    Where can I fondo full video?

  2. admin says:

    I think the video posted is the full video. It has fair length for a flick filmed by an amateur on his phone camera.

  3. eb923 says:

    That was great. I just wish we got to see more down below.

  4. Pricolnik says:

    Maybe my English is not very good but I speak in Russian.


    GIRL: Because… because…
    BOY: Turn 180 degrees and lower them to your knees. And then you get dressed. It’s all. Below the knees to completely naked.
    GIRL: You want me to turn for show my ass too?
    BOY: Come on!
    GIRL: (in English) Fuck you.
    BOY: Come on!
    GIRL: Can I jump right now?..
    BOY: Yes, you can.
    GIRL: …and sail away?
    BOY: (laughs) Yes, you can.
    GIRL: (laughs)
    BOY: Come on.
    GIRL: (touches her panties)
    BOY: Yes. Come on.
    GIRL: (continues to touch them) Then let’s swap places.
    BOY: Why?
    GIRL: I don’t know (cover her breast). What are you doing? You shoot the video?
    BOY: Yes (laughs).
    GIRL: (laughs embarrassedly) (in English) Fuck you.
    BOY: Come on.
    GIRL: (shakes her head)
    BOY: Turn around. Come on.
    GIRL: You will record my squeaky voice on the video again. (by squeaky voice) Lyosha (boy’s name), do you shoot? Lyosha! (cover her breast) Oh my! I’ll fall now!
    BOY: No, you don’t.
    GIRL: (by squeaky voice) Lyosha, do you shoot? Lyosha! Lyosha!
    BOY: Okay…
    GIRL: Do you shoot?
    BOY: Yes. Get over there.
    GIRL: Wow… [I can’t recognise it]
    BOY: Yes. I told you. Well? Come on.
    (children’s voices)
    GIRL: (in English) Fuck you.
    BOY: Come on.
    GIRL: (in English) Fuck you.
    BOY: Come on!
    (children’s voices continues)
    BOY: (laughs) Come on! (looking away) I even can’t see them. If I can’t see them, then they can’t see you. (water sounds) Or maybe they can. (laughs) Oh, I can see them.
    GIRL: (cover her ass and shows the middle finger)
    BOY: (laughs) Well?
    GIRL: (cover herself and walks)
    BOY: Okay. Go on the road. (laughs) Hands off. Hand off.
    GIRL: (show her nipple) Oh, THIS hand?
    BOY: Yes.
    GIRL: I thought this hand (touches her ass).
    BOY: No.
    GIRL: (show her breast and cover again)
    BOY: Go to the beach.
    GIRL: (correct her shoes)
    BOY: Huh? And hands off. To the beach.
    GIRL: Only if you will cover me.
    BOY: No-no-no. Come on! Huh? Just stand by my side. Hands off.
    GIRL: (removes her hands and shows the middle finger again) (moves away) They will see everything.
    BOY: I don’t thihk so.
    GIRL: (cover her breast again)
    (male laughter and screams)
    BOY: Then turn around. They sail away. Well?
    GIRL: I’m shy.
    BOY: Do not be shy. Come on. (trying to removes her panties)
    GIRL: (prevents him from doing this) You are bad camera man.
    BOY: Well…
    GIRL: You can’t treat me like that.
    BOY: (trying again) Come on.
    GIRL: (cover her ass)
    BOY: Come on.
    GIRL: (cover her face and breast)
    BOY: To your knees. It’s all. And then you get dressed.
    GIRL: Oh… never mind.
    BOY: No-no-no. Come on, come on. (touches her stomach) Come on.
    GIRL: (shows her breast) (continues to walk and cover herself)
    BOY: Come on!
    GIRL: It seems the car is approaching
    BOY: If you do not, I will not let you return.
    (some noise)
    BOY: Shit. It is far. Well?
    GIRL: Where is the noise?
    BOY: It is far. This is the noise from the plane.
    GIRL: No. (touches her panties at the back)
    BOY: Come on.
    GIRL: (slowly lowers her panties)
    BOY: Come on.
    GIRL: (show her naked ass and slaps it)
    BOY: To the knees. And even lower.
    GIRL: (lowers them)
    BOY: (laughs) Why are you turning away?
    GIRL: (quickly puts on her panties) (in English) Fuck you.
    BOY: I’ll take them off completely from you. (touches them)
    GIRL: I’ll strip them. (laughs) It’s been my knees.
    BOY: (laughs) You turned away! And we agreed that you would turn your back on me
    GIRL: I turned my back on you.
    BOY: No. I have the record. I can show it to you.

  5. sirpaul391 says:

    She is hot!!

  6. admin says:

    Pricolnik: thank you, mentioned your transcript in the post description.

  7. Konkeydong2139 says:

    Thanks for the translation

  8. Pubilius says:

    “girlfriend reluctantly strips and pulls down her panties”

    More accurate: “Topless gf walks about and flashes her butt, if you can stand to watch the entire video”

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