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  1. Lucerne says:

    Now that’s an interesting situation. Even though I’m largely the jealous type, someone/people simply seeing my GF naked isn’t really problematic. However, asking to do so while I’m standing right there might cause some tension.

    However, I suppose there’s some credit to be given for the honesty. Most people with an ulterior motive wait to have the woman alone/separated.

  2. danielrr05 says:

    Great show, i have being looking for this show for a while. Is there any one Who have the episode of the New York hotel clerk?

  3. theta496 says:

    What a creepy pervy guy who goes around as a “art photographer” lol.

  4. Cornix says:

    That photographer seems to be a really unpleasant and sleazy person, but on the other hand almost every second of the video seemed scripted and fake, so he might be nice irl.

    Wonderful girls, though. They seemed to have a fair amount of modeling experience but fortunately not model bodies. Opening the door naked is the mark of the ultimate hostess, nude modeling on a roof is lovely with the stark and bare surroundings and all the eyes in neighboring buildings. And also my “fetish”, a nude woman with a bass (not sure she really could play it, though).

    One would think that someone who shoots “naked happy girls” would be grateful to have the boyfriend around to make the girl feel at ease.

  5. MellowMan says:

    Jamie Peck is the name of the first girl, not the photographer

  6. JuliusO says:

    Jamie Peck is the name of the first model not the photographer.

  7. sirpaul391 says:

    Hey! If she’s willing to strip. I am willing to watch.

  8. Lenox 82 says:

    So sexy when the first girl is arguing naked with her boyfreind. Love it. Also the other girl when she opens the door naked is realy hot

  9. admin says:

    MellowMan, JuliusO: thanks, post corrected.

  10. LucasPayne099 says:

    oooo this guy also did few npc(peds) voices for gta 4

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