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  1. jkj45 says:

    discord too unsafe for me but good idea this seems to be the new hip place to V chat.

  2. sticksnstoners says:

    Admins, I hope you read this.

    The server is a wonderful idea, but please don’t allow people to post real photos of women being abused. For example, currently a user called zoo posted a video of a woman being stripped and beaten.

    This sort of content can get your entire server banned by discord as it is against their TOS. Furthermore, this can result in admins being banned from the platform as well.

    Please implement stricter rules as to the kind of content posted on this server. This is a good thing, please don’t mess it up.

  3. admin says:

    I’m going to need some help in this. The server is not mine, it was created by another person. I honestly don’t have time to moderate a chat. Are you or someone else (with a history on the forum) willing to become a moderator?

  4. bedoop says:

    I literally can’t think of anything worse than voice chatting with you perverts ❤️

  5. admin says:

    I don’t think there’s a lot going on on the only voice channel there is. It’s all in the text, image and video channels.

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